TUNISIA - Sousse - July 2022

Great success for the INFA exams organized by the ACADEMY TOUATI in Sousse Tunisia , many candidates, and excellent results! Note the remarkable success of a deaf and mute student during the (...)


Very good success for the Make-up Passport exams in the schools of the Annick Cayot group in Brussels and Lille. Congratulations for the creativity and the rigour always present in the 2 schools (...)

JAPAN - OSAKA - May 2021

Also in Japan, but this time in Osaka and Kyoto, the schools run by Ms AKIYAMA organised two examination sessions. The examiner worked remotely and live for some subjects that were difficult to (...)

JAPAN - FUKUOKA - March 2021

The World Aesthetic College in FUKUOKA opened the ball for the new year 2021. The crisis once again disrupted the organisation by limiting the number of candidates per exam session. The "Face (...)


The health crisis that has lasted for more than 15 months has significantly disrupted our activities and those of INFA’s members.
As a result of COVID-19, many exams have been cancelled or (...)


Successful examination once again this year ! The results speak for themselves! 3 PLATINIUM & 8 GOLD MASTER which demonstrate the quality of the school and the students motivation. (...)


In Osaka, once again, a successful examination for the students of Mrs. AKIYAMA Chieko, Director.
Various types of passports were delivered during this very nice and professional examination: (...)


The INFA examination took place in Cotonou, BENIN at the school MALICK D. Happiness, smiles and professionalism ! Congratulations to the candidates who successfully passed the (...)


Second INFA examination cession for the « First Cosmetic College » in Kiev Ukraine. A great success for the students, the school and INFA. Congratulations (...)


The INFA recently held its annual meeting in Brussels in the presence of the active members of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly. The affluence was there for this day dedicated to (...)

SYRIA - Centre Syrien Europeen - AUGUST 2019

The INFA organizes the first examinations in Syria (LATAKIA) within the school "Syrian International Center". Mrs. Samira Al Khoury, member of the INFA Board of Directors, once again demonstrates (...)


Congratulations to the Arts of Hairdressing and Aestheticism (ADACE) in Tunisia, faithful to INFA for more than 10 years. Thank you to our Vice President , Madam Nunes for supervising the (...)


The 3 « Annick Cayot Academy » (Brussels, Liege and Lille) have presented students for the INFA « Makeup Passport » The 3 examinations were supervised by Tony Para, professional makeup artist with (...)


INFA just finished the session in the « Faculté International de l’Esthétique », directed by Madame Le Brun Pauline. A great success for the students under the examination of Madam Nunes, (...)


A great success for the students under the attentive eyes of the International Jury of the federation, Madame Samira Ridai


2 sessions were organised this year. The first one for the Face & Body Passport, for which the candidate passed successfully with the Gold Master. Thank you to Madame Ridai Samira, jury of (...)


Once again a success for « Infa Japan » directed by Madam Akiyama
Seriousness and quality were the 2 keywords of this sessions.
Congratulations to the students for their (...)


A impeccable examination for the students of Madame Sanaa Ridai, director of the school. The exams were supervised by the ruthless eye of Annick Cayot, International Jury recognized for her (...)


Brilliant results during the INFA face and Body passport examination under the supervision of our Vice President, Ms. N Nunes.


A nice and successful examination under the supervision of Mr Lebrun examiner from Belgium.


A first step in Ukraine for the INFA The “First Cosmetic College”, run by Mrs. Tatiana Barchukova, organized her first INFA exam!
Congratulations to the students, and welcome to Mrs. Barchukova (...)


A preparation session for the INFA examination organized in the International School of Cosmetic Aesthetics in Douala. Congratulations to the students and the teachers for their willingness to (...)


An examination perfectly orchestrated by the Make-up Forever Academy of Hong Kong.
Congratulations to the candidates and the school management for this perfect (...)


A great year for the school directors Mrs. Torii and Mrs. Akiyama who presents once again a group of students perfectly prepared. Two INFA examiners attended and managed the examination days (...)


The school run by Mr Malick Djodi has perfectly passed this day of examination. The students presented the exams and demonstrated their knowledges and professional competences. Congratulations to (...)


A new examination session on the Makeup and Face and Body subjects in the school run by the General Secretary of INFA. Rigor and professionalism are the major assets to take on high-flying (...)

Four days INFA Examination - Fukuoka & Fukuyama (Japan) – April 2018

Congratulations to the 37 candidates who successfully passed the INFA examination under the wachtful, professional and benevolent eye of our International (...)

INFA Examination «Face and Body » : real success at « Ecole Privée d’Esthétique et de Bien-Etre S. Terrade » located at Brive la Gaillarde (France)

INFA congratulates the 36 students for their nice results as well as the school for its excellent organisation. More informations about the school : (...)

25th Anniversary of the International Beauty Industry Exhibition PELENĖ in Lithuania

INFA was pleased to be invited by Mrs. RUTA Braziuniene, organizer of the event and Director of the « Art of Beauty » school in Vilnius. The International Beauty Industry Exhibition PELENĖ is the (...)

April 2018 – INFA Examination in Portugal

Beautiful success for the INFA examinations supervised by Mr Tony Para, International Make-Up Artist.
Congratulations to all the students and their Director, Mrs Nazaré Nunes !
Welcome in the (...)

March 2018 – INFA Examination

After the well-known "Chic" Made in France, we are pleased to (re)introduce the "Elegance" Made in Japan!
Congratulations to all the students who obtained the International Passport for (...)

Our President, Madam Nadine Salembier passed away

You worked a lot, it’s time to rest. In your footsteps, we will walk, as you have so often asked us. Very touched by the many marks of sympathy and affection that were shown to us on the occasion (...)

Tokyo November 2017 – INFA Examination

Discipline, professionalism and joy of life : the keywords for this young team of beauticians graduated with the International INFA Passport

A rigorous selection by MOSZI School in Budapest

INFA is delighted with the success of elected students for INFA International Passport and congratulate them on their work.

INFA Examination – Tokyo Hollywood Fashion & Beauty College : Sweet smile !

INFA Examination – Tokyo Hollywood Fashion & Beauty College : Sweet smile !
Outstanding success and great professionalism for this young generation of (...)

Examinations at ANEP (Portugal)

Congratulations to these pretty Brazilian beauticians who come specially from Rio for a professional recycling in Portugal (ANEP).
They passed the examination of the international passport (...)

Beautiful examination - Casablanca

After stress comes an explosion of happiness!
The precision of gestures and her professionnalism demonstrates that it is a prestigious school.

Académie du Maquillage & de la Beauté Globale Annick Cayot - Brussels

Thanks to Tony Para’s unique experience and know-how acquired as International MakeUp Artist at Chanel and Dior, the examination were supervised by his eagle eyes!
Congratulations to all the (...)

Faculté Internationale d’Esthétique - Brussels

"Success is not a goal but a way to elevate yourself"
A constantly improving school where dynamism and innovation are daily leitmotivs.

Examinations at International School Esthétique Cosmétique Coiffure SFAX (Tunisia)

A group of elected student for INFA International Passport with their happy but ruthless jury member.
A beautiful model wearing traditional tunisian makeup and (...)

BUDAPEST - A first successful experience for INFA at the Hungarian Association of Beauticians (MOSZI)

What a smile after the stress!
The directors: 2 professional of Beauty and Wellness
Professional until the fingernails

Académie des Arts de la Coiffure et de l’Esthétique (ADACE) - Tunis

The utmost beautiful job, to live from our passion.
An excellent example of examination organized in June to obtain in INFA International Passport

Academy Touati International Sousse - Tunisia

INFA International MakeUP Passport
Theme: Wedding
It was a great day full of emotion.

Tough fight in Vilnius, Lithuania

Congratulations to the students of the beautiful school « Art of Beauty » : only one failure to regret
The passion of these young people for a job well (...)

Magnifiques résultats à l’INFA à Osaka, Japon

Wonderful results in INFA in Osaka, Japan.
Congratulations to Mrs. Torii’s students for their excellent work: high standards and quality were on the agenda of these (...)

l’INFA au Cameroun

In September 2016, the first school of aesthetics was founded in Cameroon.
Congratulations to its Director, Mrs. Marie-Claire Vanhée.

Examens à l’Ecole Hollywood Fashion & Beauty College à Tokyo

Award of the INFA International Passport: a perfect success for these future entrepreneurs.
Congratulations to the students and the school!

L’INFA à Osaka (Japon): un parfait modèle de réussite !

Facing such success for all students, our international jury was overwhelmed. Congratulations to Mrs Torii and to the candidates for the many Gold Masters and (...)

Faculté Internationale d’Esthétique (Brussels)

The group of future beauticians prepares to apply for the International Passport INFA.
We wish them good luck for the examination and their professional (...)

Make-Up For Ever Academy School - Hong-Kong. Examination for international passport INFA Make-Up

Candidates evaluated by Tony Para, intransigent and international INFA jury
Happy elected candidates for the international passport INFA Make-up

INFA in Osaka (Japan): vocational training and avant-gardist for 20 years

Place of predilection for obtaining the International Passport of Aesthetics.
Still a success for the students, under the watchful eye of the International Jury of the INFA (...)

Académie Internationale des Sciences Polytechniques Ben Moussa à Marrakech

The founder and director, Mrs. Hafida Ben Moussa has devoted most of her life to the development of aesthetic education. Brilliant examination results for international passport INFA for face and (...)

Collège international de l’esthétique cosmétique Morocco (CIEC), member of INFA for 18 years

Directrice : Madame Sanaa Ridai
What else can we say, besides all the admiration for the professionalism of these future beauticians...
Practice examination
Oral examination
Happy elected (...)

Many people attend the last general meeting of the INFA in Brussels

The menu of this international meeting: Consolidate the initial vocational training Build new courses matching with the latest technologies Create new training courses to get more job for our (...)

A first for Infa in Lebanon !

Despite the difficult situation in Lebanon, the ongoing smile of all the young INFA graduates offered a light of hope to all beauticians, for the customer’s (...)

Congratulations to the Arts of Hairdressing and Aestheticism (ADACE)

Congratulations to the Arts of Hairdressing and Aestheticism (ADACE) in Tunisia, faithful to INFA for more than 10 years.
A beautiful achievement of the students, supported by the school (...)

Academy Touati International in Sousse, Tunisia

A wave of happiness and emotion submerged the students of the Academy Touati International in Sousse, Tunisia, offering a glimmer of hope to the Tunisian people in spite of the hard (...)

« Art of Beauty » in Vilnius, Lithuania

Member of INFA for 6 years, the school « Art of Beauty » in Vilnius, Lithuania has taken it up to the next level. This wonderful and efficient school has crossed borders. A beautiful professional (...)

Tony Para - Annick Cayot

For 30 years, Mr. Tony Para, International Make-Up artist, has travelled the world to develop two important French houses: Chanel and Dior.
On the 29th of June 2016, he presided over the jury (...)

22 Gold Masters !

Mrs. Torii, Founder of INFA in Japan and the students, session 2016.
Explosion of laughter for the 22 Gold Masters!

June, busy season for INFA examination !

The Swiss School Adage-Ylang in the nice Neuchatel region were recently organizing their Infa exams
Congratulations to the candidates and to the Managers of the school, Mrs Dainotti and Mrs (...)

Congratulations to the students of the « Ecole Privée d’Esthétique et de Bien-Etre S. Terrade » located at Brive la Gaillarde, France

33 students successfully passed the examination and were rewarded with INFA International Passport.
We also extend our congratulations to the School team and the Director Mrs. Delsahut (...)

The 26th Congress of the Belgian Society of Aesthetic Medicine was held on April 15th and 16th 2016.

It was organized by Professors Jean Hugues Hébrant and Cartier.
The two days of meetings ended with a session about the future of the Belgian aesthetic (...)

The Audience of Beauty and Wellness in Paris

In the frame of her institutional activities, Nadine SALEMBIER , President of the International Federation of aesthetics (INFA) and the National Union of Belgian Estheticians (UNEB) recently (...)

Fin de session d’examen de l’école Hollywood Fashion & Beauty College à Tokyo

INFA just completed an examination in Tokyo at Hollywood Fashion & Beauty College. A nice success for all the students who received the International Passport delivered under the supervision (...)

CEN TC 409

The International Federation of Aesthetic (INFA) an the Belgian National Union of Aestheticians (UNEB) represented by its President, Madam Nadine Salembier, and the CNEP Federation , represented (...)

Death of Madam Carolina Nunes da Ponte, Vice-president of the INFA

It is with a lot of regret and a profound sadness that we announce you the death of our Vice-president Madame Carolina Nunes da Ponte, on this September 27th.
She was an example of dedication to (...)

Professional INFA training in Brussels

Mrs Torii and her students have participated in a professional day organised by INFA in one of her training centres in Brussels, Belgium.
The two topics: Trends in face painting Anti-ageing and (...)

Congratulations to the students of VŠĮ Mokykla "Art of Beauty" in Lithuania!

Congratulations to the students of VŠĮ Mokykla "Art of Beauty"
Congratulations on the result of your exams… they are well deserved.
A beautiful present rewards your long efforts.
Achievement, (...)

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