You will no longer choose your international federation at random!

INFA – for over 45 years the most widely accepted quality label for beauty professionals in Europe and all over the world.

INFA – an indispensable asset to your professional success.

INFA – a source of information to its members.

INFA - respect of the moral contract between the federation and the beauticians and schools which put their trust in it.

INFA reminds you of your role in present-day society:

You are a beautician working with multidisciplinary strategies: cultural, social, aesthetic and technical skills combined with analytical powers, accuracy, insight and communicative skills.

Nadine Salembier


The international passport for aestheticians

Specific training packages

The rapidly changing profession of beautician all over the world makes it necessary for INFA to keep on the cutting edge of evolution and to adapt its curricula to the new requirements of our profession. Aware of this situation, the (...)

How about the students?

The International Passport for Aestheticians represents an added value for the students: It asserts that the holder possesses excellent knowledge and skills (both in theory and in practice). It makes it possible to check the professional (...)

What about the schools?

The International Passport for Aestheticians has been designed for the registered INFA schools. This document offers a genuine added value to the student’s degree. Students apply for a knowledge control supervised by international curriculum (...)

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