Specific training packages

The rapidly changing profession of beautician all over the world makes it necessary for INFA to keep on the cutting edge of evolution and to adapt its curricula to the new requirements of our profession.

Aware of this situation, the International Federation of Aestheticians has prepared new continuous training packages whose final aim is to ensure a healthy and sustainable development of the profession (and to increase employment in the sector).

The ultimate goal of these additional packages is to open up new opportunities to beauticians in branches currently unknown to them.


A rigorous curriculum developed by INFA for those who wish to expand their knowledge of body beauty cares.
A whole section of our professional knowledge curriculum is dedicated to facial cares.

International Make-up

The Make-Up Passport offers two different training packages: a long one (180 h) and a short one (40h).

Spa Beautician

Updated course for water treatments. A curriculum specially designed for beauticians working in spas or thalassotherapy centres.

In Flight Aesthetician

A sophisticated curriculum providing comfort cares administered by highly qualified beauticians to first and business class passengers on long-haul flights.

Semi-permanent Make-up

An essential curriculum enabling the beautician to apply this technique and avoid its common pitfalls.


An essential tool for beauticians. Possessing basic knowledge of physio-aesthetics allows a more efficient use of the available electrical appliances.

Beautician in a Hospital Environment

A rigorous curriculum developed by INFA for those who want to expand their knowledge of beauty cares.

Fashion & beauty

Forge, convey and enhance the image of the beauty professional with the general public in terms of refinement, beauty and elegance.

Business Beauty Passport

Knowledge is an integration and balance tool that makes it possible to create efficiency and profitability without sacrificing our personality. It is the art of welcoming a visitor, client or prospect in an adequate and personal way, offering him a genuine style while respecting traditions.

Sports Podology

One has to understand the origins of feet problems to offer tailor-made solutions in foot care. Sports podology studies and treats the different pathologies affecting the feet. It helps improve the performances by restoring or modifying the walking process.

Hand and Nail Care Technology

This category of professionals look after millions of clients who are concerned with the beauty of their hands and nails. They are able to let their creativity run free in this specialized beauty universe. It is of course useful and enriching to know all the existing techniques as well as hygiene precautions and measures.

Beauty & Wellness

Beauty and Wellness (or Fitness) go hand in hand. Wellness can be maintained through beauty treatments as well as by keeping fit. It also implies fighting stress and combatting sedentary lifestyle, or simply feeling good about oneself.


The beautician-dietician’s approach is to know all about the alternative methods regarding weight control or nutrition-related problems.

Men’s Aesthetics

Today, the market of men’s beauty cares and products is growing at an annual rate of 43 %. This new interest of modern man in beauty is not a hype, but a social reality that responds to the demands of modern life. It is a challenge which beauticians will have to take up.

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