Origins and activities

Origins and activities of the federation

INFA is a global federation created in 1978. Its main goal is the promotion of high level professional knowledge in the field of aesthetics.


The International Federation of Aestheticians is a global federation with scientific purpose, whose goals are:

- To promote high-level professional knowledge in the field of aesthetics.
- To be in tune with the beauticians in their professional lives (through their federations, the schools or the INFA-Club). That is how INFA acquired its reputation all over the world.
- To organise meetings with national organisations in order to promote the profession and education.
- To exchange information relating to the professional knowledge of the member associations.
- To study the rules governing the profession of aesthetician in the various countries.
- To take part in various international events, presentations, conferences, demonstrations, seminars, fairs and congresses, …)
- Finally, to organise exams under the supervision of an international jury in order to give the aestheticians who have completed their training the opportunity to obtain the International Passport for Aestheticians, a genuine added value for any aesthetician. The International Passport can also be delivered to beauticians who are already active. To do so, it is mandatory to attend a 40-hour course in an INFA school. This additional training is a way to perfect their knowledge and update their know-how.

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