How about the students?

The International Passport for Aestheticians represents an added value for the students:

-  It asserts that the holder possesses excellent knowledge and skills (both in theory and in practice).

- It makes it possible to check the professional knowledge of the holder.

- It is a serious reference document for the holder who wishes to set up abroad.

- It entitles the holder to the support of a federation present on five continents and gives her/him an indisputable notoriety linked to the image of INFA.

Increased notoriety:

- The passport testifies that the training provided by the federation corresponds to a high level of skill.

- It reinforces the professional image of the school thanks to the backup of an international federation.

The Gold Master

The GOLD MASTER recognizes the academic elite and is awarded to students who have obtained 85% or more.

The Platinum

Is awarded to students who have demonstrated their skills and knowledge in the following subject matters:
- management of a beauty salon or spa
-  commercial and administrative management
-  communication and marketing
-  staff management
-  optimal set-up of the beauty centre

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